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Looking for a fun and exciting work environment? Look no further! Fisherville Pharmacy is looking to hire a registered or certified pharmacy technician. 


Are you up-to-date on your vaccines?

Influenza for 65+ & Standard Influenza Vaccine- You need a dose every fall (or winter) for your protection and for the protection of others around you.

Pneumococcal Vaccine- There are two pneumococcal vaccines available depending on your age group and medical conditions, Prevnar 13 and Pneumovax 23.

Tdap Vaccine- If you have not received a dose of Tdap during your lifetime, you need to get a Tdap shot now (adult whooping cough vaccine), especially if you have exposure to babies. After that, you need a Td booster dose every 10 years. Consult your healthcare provider if you haven’t had at least 3 tetanus and diphtheria toxoid-containing shots sometime in your life or if you have a deep or dirty wound.

Zoster Vaccine (Shingrix)- This vaccine is a 2-dose vaccine series. If you have already received the Zostavax it is highly recommended you receive the new formulation of the shingles vaccine known as Shingrix.

COVID-19 Vaccines- Our pharmacy currently is not offering any COVID-19 Vaccines or Booster Shots.


COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

Do you have questions about COVID-19? Visit the CDC's resource page linked below. Please note that it is strongly advised to also consult with your primary healthcare provider if you have additional questions or concerns about COVID-19 or think you may have the virus.

Fisherville Pharmacy is not offering COVID-19 shots anymore or providing COVID-19 Boosters. We do have COVID-19 At-Home Tests as well as Free N-95 Masks.

Alternative Pickup Options

Feeling Under the Weather?

Did you know that Fisherville Pharmacy offers a variety of alternative pickup options for our customers? Fisherville Pharmacy recognizes that sometimes getting to the pharmacy to pick up your medications just isn't easy! That is why we offer home delivery, shipment, and even curbside pickup.


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Over-the-Counter Products

Fisherville Pharmacy has a wide variety of over-the-counter retail products from gift items to cough and cold products. Stop in today to see all we have available! 

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