Medication Synchronization

Our goal at Fisherville Pharmacy is to be convenient, which is why we offer a medication synchronization program, Med Sync. This program eliminates multiple unnecessary trips to the pharmacy by filling all your prescriptions at the same time each month. All we need from you is an initial count of all your monthly medications! We take care of everything else from there. If you are interested in more information about medication synchronization stop by today for a printout!

Med Sync Process


Stop by Fisherville Pharmacy to enroll and sign our med sync agreement.

Med Count

Drop off your medications for a complete count or provide the pharmacy with an updated count of what medications you have at home and how much.

Short Fills

The pharmacy contacts your doctor and gets "short fills" to help us keep your medications in sync.

Monthly Phone Calls

The pharmacy will call you every month to review your profile and what medications you are taking.