Fisherville Pharmacy offers  a variety of vaccinations to our eligible customers. We are requiring that all influenza shots are scheduled. We will begin providing flu shots 10/10/22. We have Both High Dose FLu shots for for individuals 65 years adn older as well as regular flu shots for those 5 years and older. 

Vaccine Scheduler:

Vaccine Information:

You need a dose every fall (or winter) for your protection and for the protection of others around you.
There are two pneumococcal vaccines available depending on your age group and medical conditions, PVC15 and PVC20.
If you have not received
a dose of Tdap during
your lifetime, you need
to get aTdap shot now
(adult whooping cough vaccine), especially if you have exposure to babies. After that, you need a Td booster dose every 10 years.
This vaccine is a 2-dose
vaccine series. If you
have already received the Zostavax it is highly recommended you receive the new formulation of the shingles vaccine known as Shingrix.

COVID-19 Vaccines

Fisherville Pharmacy is no longer offering COVID-19 Vaccines.

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